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Double Down: Next Level Beats From South Africa’s Ninja Streets

It’s becoming impossible to ignore Die Antwoord (The Answer). Believe us, we tried.

As frontman Ninja will tell you in a moment, DJ Hi-Tek has a PC computer and makes next level beats. When not ignoring David Fincher’s casting calls, Yo-Landi Vi$$er is all about cranking out twee hooks. And it’s hard to know where to start with Ninja, who’s most likely the lovechild laboratory concoction of Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and Hattori Hanzō.

The three recently found their way to “the TV,” much to the delight of Los Angeles youth.

The South African hip-hop carnival is also featured in a new Animal Collective-curated exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum. Yeah, that Guggenheim Museum. New York’s seminal art house decided to showcase some “online video art” in a series called YouTube Play. They asked Animal Collective to help find some choice nuggets. Unsurprisingly they unearthed gems like this:

Wilson On Ninjas, Inception And Making Jim Rome Uncomfortable

Look, I’m not a Giants guy. I’m a Dodgers guy. So the Giants have to do something fairly interesting to get me to give them credit for it.

Well, Brian Wilson Giants’ closer, sat down with sports television windbag Jim Rome in September to hash some stuff out. It’s hard to tell if Rome is in on it or just treading water (I’d guess the latter) but their conversation is a gem:

Thanks to A. Rackets. (Go Rangers).