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Double Down: Haters Gonna Hate, Pianos Gonna Play

Everyone hates on L.A. Just ask the people who take those polls that ask people which city they most hate. They’ll tell you, like one did two days ago, that L.A. is almost always up top on the list, if not second, as it was this year to Detroit. Sorry, Motor City. Some folks like to kick you when you’re down.

Back to Los Angeles–the much-maligned jewel of Los Angeles County. There are some cats out there trying to showcase some of the magic that transpires in the City of Angels. Exhibit A? Last week’s most viral video on the World Wide Web:

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

All unprecedentedly adorable tykes aside, there’s lots to love and the Goods has made the case before. Add this to the list: Los Angeles just recently became the latest city to have totally tuned, totally playable pianos located in outdoor areas with high visibility and heavy foot traffic. You won’t find these guys in Seattle, Topeka, Boston, or Miami. They’re here. They’re queer. And they’re terrifically dear. Just ask these adolescents enjoying the piano on the Santa Monica Pier!

Visual artist Luke Jerram is responsble for the public pianos. They were donated by a local piano company and subsequently decorated by local Angeleno artists. The 30 pianos are available to play all day every day for three weeks before they’re donated and auctioned off for charities. Here’s a piano man playing Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” on all 30 sets of blacks and whites:

Los Angeles wasn’t Jerram’s first choice. They pianos have already appeared in a number of major cities, including London, Sydney, and Cincinnati. The point is, they’re strategically placed to bring people together–to serve a very human and social purpose. It worked in Cincinnati, it worked in Sydney, it worked in London, and it’s working in Los Angeles for two more weeks before the project moves on. Why? Because Los Angeles may not be populated by a bunch of angelic Cages, but there are a whole lot of darlings here. In that way, it’s a lot like everywhere else.

So, eat your heart out, Mr. Gibbard! Go ahead and explode whenever you want! Cut Los Angeles a break. And Detroit, too.


Keep your John Cage! I’m all about Tucker.

Thanks to MB for sharing this musical Schnoodle.