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What Is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me.) (Don’t Hurt Me.) (No More.)

Goodosphere is an institution just like any other in that we have to follow rules and regulations. Thankfully, there’s only one guiding principle: Keep it short and sweet. But why have rules if not to break them? And what better reason to break a rule than in the name of love… Or the lack thereof?

Two weeks have gone by since we were all told to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, are all those of you in a relationship still feeling the love? The romance? The swoons? The pheromones? If so, count yourself lucky. If not, fear not! That’s normal. Potential reasons? There are many, including the fact that your love-related dopamine releases are programmed to taper off, you have evolved over millennia to mate and move on, and, well, love is an erratic knave that no one really understands.

All these and more of the intricacies of our old friend L-O-V-E are discussed in great detail by public radio’s Robert Pollie in a rather brilliant episode of his 7th Avenue Project. Like all of us, Pollie comes to the conclusion that in love it’s best to not ask too many questions. But it’s about the journey, not the destination. So spend some time with this not-terribly short, but oh so sweet piece of production.

Buggin' Out

You’ve probably noticed that the lines between different media are being blurred. The New York Times has videos on your pad. The internet sells you moviefilms for your phone. The TV is on your computer. The drugs are coming out of the speakers.

We here at Goodosphere are de jure takers of the good with the bad. While there’s surely equal measures, the floodgates of good have opened at NPR as of late. Not only are they constantly streaming live concerts and full albums pre-release, but they evidently have taken to adapting long-form radio pieces into cartoons. The results are endearing: