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Double Down: It’s Better To Have Found Darondo Than Never To Have Found Darondo At All

Last week was a great week for death, which is to say a sad week for the living. We were shocked to lose Michael Hastings and James Gandolfini, and, though not as conspicuously, saddened to see Darondo go. We had only just found out about him.

It was Breaking Bad that introduced us to Darondo’s calling card single, “Didn’t I”. If you’re a stranger to the song, be strange no more:

Infectious, huh? Before the song’s resurgence gave Darondo’s career a second wind (he was booked for Bonnaroo in 2012), people really wondered about the dude. Who was he? Where was he? Why so little recorded material? It led some soul searchers to obsess, to search far and wide. One successful pursuit of the R&B crooner was documented by Studio 360. It’s worth your time — Darondo demands it.