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Double Down: Lil Giant

It’s been an insane off-season for America’s pastime, and that’s mostly a good thing. There have been stories of heartbreaking loss, unprecedented triumph, rags-to-riches glory, and — oh, sweet lord — that beard. It all comes to a close soon: Tonight brings Game 1 of the World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants. The best-of-seven championship round between two dark horses will surely be one to remember, but both clubs already have an entire season of unforgettable moments to look back on — especially them friendly Giants.

Earlier this week, not a fortnight after The Tony Bennett graced the field at All Telephones Tapped to sing God Bless America, none other than Lil “Weezy Baby” Wayne gleefully strutted out to lead the rapturous crowd in Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The tempestuous rapper has never looked happier, and we like to think it’s one of the most memorable moments of Major League Baseball (that didn’t involve a big stick being waved around in the air) in 2012: