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Double Down: Masterpup Theatre

Last week, we provided ye Goodosphere readers some great moments in model manipulation courtesy of one Sesame Street. There’s a great wealth of prime puppetry outside of what goes down on the Street, but with the creations of Henson and fellow heroes broadcast in over 120 countries, it’s hard to think of any arm warmers more influential, recognizable, and inspirational than those of the Sesame crew.

Take recent Internet sensation/explosion of exuberance “I Love My Hair” for example:

The song was penned by Sesame’s head writer, Joey Mazzarino. After hearing his adopted daughter repeatedly gripe about her un-Barbie-like hair, Mazzarino was prompted to show some love for the underrepresented curly mops. Not only has the video taken young blacks, whites, and everything in-betweens by storm, but there has been an outpouring of thanks from grown-ass men and women who have praised Mazzarino for his exercise in self-love and confidence building. Many of them have even left comments on its YouTube page lamenting the fact that a similar video wasn’t around during their own identity struggles.

Goodosphere’s puppeting past has been a little more steeped in the vicissitudes of love, loss, and life (surely three of the L Words). In this very special Double Down, we bring you “feliz con turkey,” an original production(!) that would have never existed without the likes and imagination of all those faceless friends who spent their afternoons with us on public television; teaching us, singing to us, making us laugh. Kudos.

Double Down: Great Moments In Puppetry (The Shape Of Things To Come)

Elmos’s been getting a lot of love lately. Apparently he was tickled pink to hang with Katy’s cleavage for a day, but the higher-ups at Sesame Street headquarters weren’t having it. Poor Ms. Perry was relegated to pseudo-satire on SNL, while Elmo has moved on to hairier, pervier, Irish things.

There’s a long history of pairing the red rascal with celebrities for comedic respite from the plodding educational bits. Still, some of the best celebrity drop-ins have been sans Elmo. A sampling for your tender eyes:

Good Music: Grouch Anthem

In the spirit of our radical new direction (into the bad), I present this:

“You know what’s right with the world? … Nothing!”