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Salute to Ghosts

Ghosts. Can’t live with them, can’t prove they exist.

Today is Apparition Appreciation Day (or it should be anyway) so we’ve compiled a short salute to our spectral friends. Join us, won’t you?


No single figure had more of an impact on my young adult life than the one they called, Beetlejuice. His outlandish fashion sense and good-natured lechery made me laugh. The cartoon spin-off was a staple in our home and for years, I too, feared the dreaded Sandworm.

Boo Berry:

The other kids said you were just a tired Peter Lorre homage in a porkpie hat, but you were so much more. You were also the mascot for a cereal I never actually ate.


When I saw you in Ghostbusters I was an instant fan. Your in-your-face attitude and casual concern for social norms made me want to emulate you. Why else would I drink something that despite its orange flavor, turned my tongue green?

Your prodigious sliming was second to none.

and finally… Swayze:

Seeing Ghost for the first time at the ripe age of 4, little did I appreciate the emotional and sensual undertones in this classic film about pottery. Until you Patrick, ghosts were unfairly portrayed in film as frightening, malevolent figures. You changed all that.