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I Know Why The 14 Songbirds in Your Pants Sing

Honestly, what’s the point of being Governor if you don’t even excuse a crime so charmingly absurd as this?

Duc Le, one of two men involved in a plot to smuggle songbirds into the U.S. from Vietnam, pleaded guilty Monday to criminal conspiracy. Sony Dong, pictured below (he’s the one in the black socks) carried the 14 songbirds strapped to his ankles on the international flight from Vietnam to Los Angeles International Airport. Dong, who has also pleaded guilty, was apprehended at LAX in April 2009 and is currently awaiting sentencing.

(AP Photo/Department of Justice)

It is the official opinion of Goodosphere that Mr. Le and Mr. Dong be granted full pardons for their crimes. Their hilarious attempt to smuggle trouserbirds into the U.S. has no doubt increased advertising revenue in print media and spurred a daring new fashion trend to the benefit of all Americans.

Update: We understand that several of the birds in question have retained council from the law firm of Beake, Birdman, and Peck.