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Spring Means You Need An Umbrella-ella-ella, And Maybe Galoshes

Goodosphere Series: SPRING vol. I

All this week we’re going to feature photos and videos that capture that annual institution, that restorative season of rebirth: spring.

To kick things off we bring you these playful pachyderms enjoying a springtime dip at the Houston Zoo:

Thanks A.McA.

When Mating Calls

It tickles me to think of the host of implements we’ve come up with to make meeting mates more accessible. We’ve got eharmony for the music lovers, JDate for the Jews, FaceSpace for the stalkers, and Manhunt for Tom Cruise.

Outside of online dating services, there’s always an placing an old fashioned personal ad or newfangled dating on demand services for the immediate gratification set.

Once you get past the setting of sights, you still have to deal with the meat and potatoes of courtship: dinner dates, The Back-up Plan, the inevitable meeting of parents, and, if you’re still into it, the nuptials.

It’s hard to say if these evolutions have really changed anything. Have we a honed sense of the “right” person? Are we happier? More socially aware?

That’s for a doctomatician to extrapolate. All I can definitively say is that it tickles me to think it all started like this:

Good Day Sunshine

Principal Bob "Short Shorts 'n Sun" Sampson Kicking it on his Suzuki 450

Spring has done gone and sprung itself all over the place. As the weather goes from gloomy to gleaming it’s hard if not impossible (and perhaps, morally wrong) to be cooped up in a institution of learning, or for that matter, working.

Up in Washington state where sunshine is as rare as a Tunisian Ice Cave, the principal of Bellingham Christian School made a decidedly good decision and called a “sun day”.

“In Washington we often have soggy winters and spring. We all love the sun up here. Sometimes we cancel school due to snow. So one day I thought, if we don’t have any snow days why not do that for good weather?”

NPR picked up the story and gave it the “30 second lighthearted news piece” treatment which you’ll find here.