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Going Back to Vulcan

The people of Vulcan, Alberta live long and prosper. They have done so since 1915, when a surveyor for Canadian Pacific Railway named the town after the Roman God of Fire. Of course, a spate of prosperity has come to Vulcan by way of Trekkies descending on the town to appreciate its nominal relation to the planet of origin of one of Star Trek’s most revered characters, Mr. Spock. Instead of shunning the attention, the township quite logically embraced it:

National Post

Vulcan holds an annual Star Trek convention, unsuccessfully attempted to land the latest Star Trek installment’s premiere, and has for years called on Leonard “Real Deal Spock” Nimoy to pay a visit. Last Friday, he boldly went where Spock had gone before. “I’ve been a Vulcan for 44 years. It’s about time I came home,” Nimoy told the rapturous town. Local Trekkie Christine Desjardins voiced her excitement to the CBC, proclaiming “[I] think he’s the sexiest man on television, ever. Then and now. Can’t beat him.” Kiefer Sutherland reportedly cried as Nimoy unveiled his bronze bust to cheers and applause.


The visit was the penultimate stop on Nimoy’s final bow in the biz. The thespian recently announced he would be retiring to a galaxy far, far away. Wait… uh… Spaceballs.