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Sup Brah?

Zoltan Torkos of S an ta Cr uz, California recently completed a feat sure to make boarders of all varieties green with envy and make Torkos some green.

That’s because Volcom, purveyor of stones, was offering $10,000 to whomever could pull off a kick-flip. A kick-flip, that is… on a surfboard.

MS Paint Current Events: The Dyke Aquatic

By now you’ve probably heard that Dick Van Dyke claims he was recently rescued by porpoises who pushed him to shore after he fell asleep on his surfboard. The 84-year-old Van Dyke shared his story during a recent appearance on the Craig Ferguson show.

The veteran star said when he awoke far from shore and surrounded by fins, he feared it was the end. But Van Dyke was surprised when the creatures…

“…turned out to be porpoises. And they pushed me all the way to shore.”

Unfortunately, the incident wasn’t captured on film. So, here’s our Goodosphere MS Paint artist’s conception of what went down:

Of Mice And Men

Since moving to Santa Cruz, I’ve been telling myself I need to check out the point breaks and carve the crests and what have you. Heretofore, life has been doing its thing and I’m yet to buy any surf wax. I guess sometimes we just need that crucial catalyst, that timely inspiration. In my case, it has arrived in the form of an ambitious rodent. Vaya con Dios, my furry friend. See you in Australia come high tide:

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