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No Need To Toy With The Title: Coolio Samples Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish

National Public Radio has been catching a lot of flack in the past weeks for firing Juan Williams, over-representing the left, and for an undying allegiance to the National Socialist Party. Just yesterday, the GOP unsuccessfully tried to pull its federal funding. With the incoming Republican majority, future attempts are all but guaranteed.

Everyone has the right to make an argument for or against public radio, but we can all surely agree that any news outlet that pairs Pepto-Bismoly Thanksgiving relishes with Coolio commentary has good things going.

You take some cranberry
A little bit of horseradish
And some onions.
Now I got a relish fetish.
Mama Stamberg
That’s what you heard.

It’s Coolio, not Stamberg
With some cranberries
And a little bit of onion, y’all.
And some horseradish.
Now I got a fetish
For that relish.
And it’s Pinkout.
Better pull your drink out.

It turns out that when not walking through the valley of the shadow of death, Coolio’s cooking. Veteran NPR announcer Susan Stamberg had the foresight to pitch the chef her “Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish.” After some initial color-induced hesitation, Coolio endorsed the recipe and even added some Thai hot sauce for a Blasian (Black-Asian) kick. And people say public radio’s bland…

The luscious recipe and equally delicious audio are up at NPR’s progressive page on the World Wide Web.

A Happy Thanksgiving from all at Goodosphere.
A Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to friends north of the 49th.