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The End of An Internet

Some time late last night, a video hit the tubes. The video features YouTube mainstays Ok Go, radio maven Ira Glass, Fern-lover Zach Galifianakis, and Animal. You have officially reached the end of the Internet:

Or have you?

Muppets in (Cyber) Space

Last November, the Muppets recorded one of their conference calls. The results follow.

This post exists for no other reason than to point out how awesomely net-savvy the Muppets have become while the world wasn’t paying attention. In addition to the glorious Bohemian Rhapsody above, there’s a Boho commentary track, a frightening yet delicious rendition of Stand By Me, and the made-me-laugh-far-more-than-it-should-have Ode To Joy.

When you work a customer-less night job like I do, podcasts can save your life. A recent discovery was The Nerdist. Just a few days after this discovery and a night of work spent catching up on the Hamm, Carolla, Richter, and Gaffigan episodes, I noticed a tweet from one Craig Ferguson.

“That young @nerdist fellow has the muppets on his podcast. I am envious of him & consistantly impressed by his zany comedy antics.”

The Muppets on The Nerdist. Just how on Earth is it possible to get the Muppets to show up on your podcast? I have no frakkin’ clue. All I can tell you is that the results are incredibly fun and more than worth the listen.

So if you missed Kermit’s laid-back charm, sad-sack Fozzie Bear, or the way Miss Piggy reminds you of your first kiss (…um, not in a bad way!), pay attention to the Muppets. I will be.