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Good News For The Delusional!

How about a new take on the placebo effect—Higher Awareness Edition? Elements of a recent CNN article “The power of perceptions: Imagining the reality you want” may initially seem reminiscent of Oprah’s omega-favorite The Secret, but believe me, this is a distinct dance.

One part philosophy with a splash of science fiction, the process is all about defining your sensory information. As humans, we try to make sense of the world around and therefore constantly create and recreate our own perception of reality. “[Context] forms everything from our taste in food, our sensibilities, what we think is good, bad or evil. None of these beliefs occur in isolation,” Boston University sociology professor Ruha Benjamin explains. So, we rely on context, but our context is mostly subjective.

Neuroscientist and artist Beau Lotto makes a similar point using illusions, “…Either there are no illusions or everything is an illusion.” At the 2012 Being Human Conference he made the simple and profound observation that it’s what we do with your context that matters “and given that we are pretty much all delusional, you might as well choose your delusion.”

So, wonder away.