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Double Down: Superclogger

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could say something good about traffic, especially the Los Angeles variety. The City of Angels is home to some of the world’s biggest parking lots, including the 405–the most congested and traveled piece of pavement in these United States. While dreams of bullet trains and congestion-free arteries remain piped, Angelenos have been left to their own devices to stress, fester, and fuss about the inescapable rush hour routine…or enjoy a puppet show.

Joel Kayak, an MFA from USC, has been voluntarily braving LA traffic with puppets on hand and a radio transmitter in truck. He hangs out a sign telling people to tune into 89.5 FM and when they do, they’re taken from spirit-crushing congestion to appreciating a large-scale public art project: Superclogger.

Dave’s great.

Kayak is a creature of chaos. Evidently, he thrives on it, “I like things that are moving in and out of control, like negotiations of agency and resignation. And for me, the traffic jam is that.” Word. Kayak may want commuters to reflect on the unquestioned bedlam in their lives, but even if his formula fails, his anthropomorphic shrub is surely going to provide a well-earned escape: