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Gay Obama

Maybe you’ve heard President Obama has a new Twitter account? @GayObama has been spitting out gems like “Just met the first Boehner I didn’t like.” and “Things I am *so* over: Ke$ha, Tea Party, cupcakes. In that order.” for about a week now. Some poor sap behind the scenes at The Daily Show is actually crafting the tweets. As it were, the catalyst for the whole thing was something we Year Two folks like to call ‘good.’

You see, Mr. Obama recently decided there was no real constitutionality to this thing called the “‘Defense’ of Marriage Act.” The upshot? Well, for one, it’s a whole lot more likely that Prop h8 will drop off the face of this planet sooner than later. Moreover, the Justice Department is pretty much sanctioning gay marriage, which means it’s only a matter of time before the Congress and courts catch up. That’s more civil rights for some real defenders of the act of marriage–people who still thirst for it, even after Larry King.

Not only has Gay Obama taken the country two steps closer to finally treating homosexuals as equals, but the man’s using his status as appointer-in-chief to break the heretofore impenetrable glass ceiling that has prevented openly gay members of this thing from serving in the executive office. A week ago, he appointed one Jeremy Bernard the new social secretary–that’s the person who throws the parties. You gotta start somewhere.

Revolution In 140 Characters

Revolution is seldom neat. It rarely even makes it out the gate before being brutally repressed. In the upheavals of yore, state controlled media and communications networks typically made information a scarce commodity, but in the age of our good friends Twitter and Facespace there’s a whole lot of potential for organization, sharing, and demonstration with purpose.

We saw the dissemination of information via social media force some ugly moves in Iran some years back. And though there is much debate as to what role Twitter and Co. played in the recent Tunisian protests, no one’s denying that it gave vox to the populi.

In Egypt’s case, Hosni and his regime weren’t able to keep up with the characters and were forced to pull the plug.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Lucky for us they’ve sorta been unsuccessful. The eager-to-please-a-protester techies at Google and Twitter joined forces to make a “speak-to-tweet” service happen for any of the Egyptian dissidents wanting access to revolution in 140 characters.

How’s it work?

Anyone inside Egypt can totally use their “phone” to make a “phone call” to a messaging service, leave a message, and the tweet self-generates with an “#egypt” tag. Sans interwebs! And it can (between you and me and the Internet) totally be OVER 140 characters.

Google set up a blog about the new service on Monday. As of Friday morning, @speak2tweet already had close to 3000 submissions.

Viva la revolution!

Kanye West's Twitter

A few days ago, Kanye West opened a Twitter account. The world is better for it.

I wish I could just update this post continuously, but let’s face it — we’re all going to follow him. Just remember…


Goodnight moon, goodnight stars.

I’m a big proponent of Twitter as Facebook without any of the time-wasting (or seedy undercurrent of rampant drug use and unprotected intercourse). You say what you want to say quickly, and read only what you want to read — also, quickly. But even the most interesting Twitter user is going to have a hard time topping ASTRONAUTS TWEETING FROM SPACE. Now, those two white fellows do a lot of talking, but a Japanese fellow by the name of Soichi Noguchi seems to know exactly what we want: PICTURES,¬†and lots of them. As NASAs popularity declines with politicians, maybe social networking can help it increase with the people.

(Psst, I mean us.)