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Protest Pizza? NEVER! Pizza Protest? Sign Me Up!

It’s hard to get everyone behind unions. Harder still to unite factions to overthrow a impossibly powerful regime. One thing we can all get behind is pizza.

As reported by the entire international press corps and its uncle, Ian’s Pizza in Madison, Wisc. has been receiving orders from around the world. Is the pizza that good? Maybe. But the deluge of calls has mostly been a show of support for the very hungry and very cold pro-union protestors outside the State Capitol building.

There are some disputes as to who placed the first order, but Ian’s says it was a concerned mother (obvz!) who responded to a call from her daughter with a $200 order of pie. Since then there have been more than 500 orders placed from more states than you can count on your fingers and toes and countries like Canada (friendly neighbours), Egypt (simpatico), Turkey (pizza?), and Germany (vested interest) among others. Need to feed an angry mob of protestors in the 21st century? Pizza cake!

Ian’s phone lines became so tied up with donations on Saturday night that they actually had to shut down. They’ve taken to redirecting traffic to their Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to free up phone time for the average joe to get a slice. When asked for comment, the Madison area’s Average Joe said he didn’t mind the wait.