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The Na'vi-System

Thanks to DCist and Aziz for bringing this gem to the Internets. Na’vi riding the subway home from Sunday’s Earth Day Climate Rally:


I guess he hasn’t tamed him a Toruk yet.

Coincidence Not Lost upon D.C. City Council

In case you weren’t reminded via a text message, pungent scent in the park, or boisterous coworker, today is 4-20. Don’t feel obliged to celebrate, but do take comfort in knowing that the District of Columbia’s City Council has a sense of humor.

It turns out that the city’s executives decided to schedule a vote to approve the sale of medical marijuana in the nation’s capital on the widely celebrated “counterculture holiday.” According to The Washington Post’s city blog D.C. Wire, the bill has garnered high approval from council members.

suicide |soo-uh-sahyd| (n) when someone loves you

Hanging out with kids has its perks. Yes, they appreciate flatulence in a way we’re no longer allowed to, but there’s so much more than just that. The more we age, the more we ebb out into the regrettable realm of the known. No alarms. No surprises. Suicide is some awful term that refers to some even worse act. But when you’re a feral moppet devouring every second until your next chance to botch a cartwheel, every term you’ve never heard is synonymous with love.

Proof comes in the form of the choppiest cell phone video that’s ever been worth your time: