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D.M.X. Double Down II: D.M.X. Destroys Rudolph

Just about two months ago we brought you a DMX Double Down that featured the once-popular rapper using Google for the first time (in 2012) and some fun Internet mashing up of his music. It was nice to see DMX trending again — though that’s not what they called it when we used to talk about his music and…extra-curriculars.

Good news: He’s back. As it turns out, the same day the ingenius New York radio station staff asked DMX to give Google a shot they also had the laudable foresight to ask him to try his luck at singing a Christmas carol. They printed out the lyrics for him and everything, but — as you’ll see in the first video below — he didn’t need any help.

As Grantland points out, there are about a dozen remarkable aspects of this performance, including his unimpeachable recollection, his ability to drop beats and vamp while recalling the lyrics, and the fact that DMX seems to really identify with the outcast-turned-hero themes of the song.

Merry Christmas from DMX:

Bonus round (all ten hours worth):