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And Now, A Baby Panda Hiding Under A Towel In A Plastic Tub

Four red pandas were recently born in the DC-area. They’ll soon be all up in the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. For now, most of them are kicking it in plastic tubs under towels. It looks a lot like this:

More, you say?

Thanks to DCist and Megan Murphy at the National Zoo.

Penguins Chasing A Butterfly


Strange things are happening at a zoo in Tyler, Tejas.

Thanks to M.B.


Last Friday the Guardian published a story sure to boost sales for Calvin Klein.

Zookeepers at the Bronx Zoo in New York have discovered that the scent of Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men is irresistable to Jaguars. Young men should be cautioned, a similar effect hasn’t been studied among cougars.

Now, scientists are using the cologne to lure big cats of the Guatemalan jungle near camera traps in an effort to better study them. Researchers say that the scent has elicited “cheek-rubbing behavior” from the cats. Whoah. If this doesn’t spur a new marketing campaign from CK, I’m going to lose a bet.

There are a few dirtier jokes to be wrung out of this story but I better stop here. If you’ve got some Obsession in the medicine cabinet, dab a little on and let us set the mood:

(Credit to M.B. for the find!)